The curse of Issyos


A Greek odyssey in 8 bits.


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The Curse of Issyos is an arcade game that brings back the aesthetic and spirit of classic late-1980's games, such as Rygar and the Castlevania games for NES. This game offers an action and platform game set in Greek mythology, where you have to save your daughter from the clutches of Hades.

The Curse of Issyos is made up of seven levels that can be completed in about 45 minutes. However, it hides enough secrets to keep you replaying it a few times, including a secret level that can completely change the ending. Although it might seem short, the number of scenarios, enemies, and weapons make it a fun experience that fans of classic gameplay will absolutely love.

The inspiration for this game is obvious once you see all the typical creatures from the Wrath of the Titans and other animated movies with supernatural beings by Ray Harryhausen. Be on the look out for medusas, armed skeletons, and giant scorpions as you travel through pristine beaches, caves, and ancient ruins.

The game is completely free, but the creator accepts donations to keep the work going.

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